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If You're Looking for the Best in Charleston Land Management & Forestry Mulching Services, You're in the Right Place.

Managing farm, forest & residential land requires optimized forestry mulching processes. Fortunately in many cases the farm aspect of this management is passive and simply includes the creation of open meadows or pasture that may be fenced or not.

Charleston Forestry & Land Management Services Include But Are Not Limited To:

• Bush Hogging

• Underbrushing 

• Grading

• Site Prep

• Fence Line Clearing

• Driveway & Trail Clearing

• Vegetation Management

Open meadows can be built and landscaped for wildlife food plots, pollinator habitats, and bird habitats. Small water holes, ponds and spring development can also be added for more wildlife habitat and enjoyment.

These open areas add diversity, value and open spaces surrounded by managed forests to be used and enjoyed by the landowner and others.


If you’re in search of professional forestry mulching in the Charleston, SC or Lowcountry area, you’re probably already aware of the significant benefits it offers your Lowcountry land. From reducing the risk of erosion and preserving plant life to the improvement of the soil, mulching is ideal for forested areas. Our team at Stihlwater Land Management has the experience and knowledge you want for the most comprehensive and effective mulching for your land. We begin by processing undesired vegetation including trees, stumps, and brush into mulch to then be spread evenly over the cutting area. This leaves you with rich topsoil that will benefit your land. 

Traditional land clearing can be destructive if not done carefully. Due to the nature of the activity and equipment used, it can be challenging to selectively clear away parts of a property. Mulching is a precise process, allowing you to clear away an area on a plant-by-plant basis. This limits the need for expensive and cumbersome heavy equipment.

Much like you spread mulch in your garden, spreading mulch on your property can help promote the growth of plants and vegetation. Rather than removing the mulched plants, trees, and shrubs, it is instead spread back onto your property. The nutrients from the mulch work their way back into the soil, while also limiting the risk of the growth of fungus or mold from downed trees.